Monday, April 26, 2010

spaceboy "the force that holds together a heart torn to pieces"

from the ashes of bl'ast, spaceboy arose. in 1993 specifically, to spread their own unique brand of prog-sludge-death-doom accross the globe..........this was one of their later releases, it came out in 2000 or thereabouts on the japanese label, howling bull.............this record suffers a bit from a rather flat tinny recording...nowhere near as full sounding as "getting warm on the trail of heat" or "searching the stone library..." but it will still manage to brutalize your ears nonetheless........unfortunatly spaceboy broke up sometime in the early 2000's (2003-2004) and members can now be found playing in gargantula, a band that is basically a continuation of the spaceboy sound...........anyways check it out!


  1. I once found this stuff totally randomly, and well seems this band never got any attention. so I'm pleased to see this on my favorite blog :) you rule !! and it RULES !

  2. Great post, great band, great album.

    Always reminded me of Gasp.

  3. yea, i got that impression too, just way more heavy and fast