Saturday, January 2, 2010

prevail "curtain call" discography cd

first post of the new year!

this cd collected all of their material, the demo, the "7 on concurrent, the "7 on insurgent, split "7 with stretch armstrong on insurgent,various comp songs, and the lp (new foundations) on king of the monsters. their sound was rooted in the chugga chugga stuff that was so popular during their time they were active (1994-98) but its alot more noisy and intense. high pitched screamy tight moshy music with some brains! from south carolina no less! i barely missed these guys in detroit in 1997....ive been posthumously kicking myself ever since......

anyways enjoy!

curtain call


  1. Love this band, never could find this CD anywhere tho, so thanks!!!

  2. While scouring the Internet looking for mp3s of great 90s records I stumbled upon this. I was one of Prevail's vocalists. You can still get the CD if anyone would want it from Gavin at Stick Figure Distro (
    So, if you want the actual CD and booklet that is probably the only place you could find it now.

    Thanks for posting this and the kind words. Please leave it up for anyone that wants to download it.

    Detroit was fun. Good times and great bands!


  3. thanks dude!!!!

    i think you were in a band called red herring with an old freind of mine, kelly anderson.

    im just guessing though.

  4. 5 songs are lost :(