Wednesday, December 30, 2009

mancake "we will destroy you" cdep

the monstrosity known as mancake was created when jason hamacher of frodus/battery fame decided he wanted to do a band in the vein of born against (at least thats how the story goes...or maybe just how i heard it) he recruited eric astor of art monk records, mike schilebaum of later darkest hour fame and fellow frodus member shelby cinca. musically i would say this is slightly closer to crimson curse than born against but i guess if you go back far enough it all springs from the same place doesnt it? anyways i saw these guys live in florida (i think it was sarasota or tampa i could be wrong though) with assuck and a bunch of other bands i dont remember...i do remember the pancakes and maple syrup flying everywhere though.....those were the days......


  1. I was at the Sarasota show. It was Sarasota Fest 97. The last four bands that night were;

    Majority Rule (5 piece line up)
    Darkest Hour
    Reversal of Man

    I have a handful of pictures but not uploaded or can be uploaded anytime soon. :(

  2. awesome! yea, im hazy on shows that happened 10 or more years back