Tuesday, January 26, 2010

living under lies discography

ex talk is poison dudes ripping shit up in portland.......fast pissed off thrashy hardcore that isnt just fast....they have alot of  noisy dischordant slower parts that adds variety and uniqueness to their songs...sometimes you  can hear a hint of HHIG...sometimes born against....other times heroin....the "7 and split "7 with books lie thend to be thrashier and noisier while the LP is thicker and has a darker atmosphere to it....extremely good and extremely underrated.........better than the vast majority of 80s thrash revival bands that glutted the scene a couple years back......the discography consistes of the "7, split "7 with books lie and the selft titled LP. check this shit out! (PS: the coverart pictured is from the "7)

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