Wednesday, January 27, 2010

murdock "the story so far" (discography)

and here i am now to post a discography of sorts of my favorite staten island band, murdock.....these dudes are yet another in the long line of underappriceated bands banging it out beneath the radar for years (in murdock's case, over a decade)..these guys have been in the game since 1995 and yet if i asked you if you knew who murdock is youd more than likely scratch your head and reply "fuck if i know"........anyways this is a raging pissed hyperactive noisefest that wont ever go easy on your ears....unless you listen(ed) to alot of the shit that came out of the ABC no rio scene in the early know, born against, hell no, rorschach, citizens arrest......these guys grew up on all that shit plus all the shit that was going on in san diego/southern cali in the same time period...think the gravity/ebullition sound.....throw in some traditional NYHC and your pretty much in their ballpark.......or in elway's case, hockey rink........hey frank, if your reading this, dont say i never gave you guys props!!! anyways this includes their "7 on goldtooth, split "7 with yaphet kotto that was supposed to come out on pushpull records but apparently never saw the light of day, split lp with devola which was supposed to come out on double decker records (i still dont know if this ever officially came out...ive never seen a copy) split "7 with yum yum tree and a full length cd that also as yet, has not come out.

feel free to tell me if i missed something!

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