Saturday, January 2, 2010

regression "heartless" mcd

"maybe the hardest sXe band that ever existed"
-goodlife records

its been literally decades since ive taken anything released by goodlife seriously but i think they where pretty much on the mark with this one...its not even a "guilty pleasure" record for me, this is seriously crushing, if simplistic, sXe vegan carcass worship arguably at its best, certainly the best H8000 band that ever existed (fuck congress/sektor/liar/ the rest of that lameass shit) by a mile....even the lyrics are tolerable to pretty good for the genere: "when you are old all you will have will be memories, mine will be good, how will yours be?" (from "as we speak")

i liked it in 98, i still like this record now.


  1. Good band/record, but no Blindfold or Nations On Fire? Kinda figured you'd be more into those bands than Regression... Spineless was the best of the '90s H8000 bands tho, hands down.

  2. haha, i think ill have to relisten to a few of those h8000 bands now

  3. Regression, they where/are good friends of me.
    Out of Regression came few legendary bands like: Deformity, Liar, Spoil Engine, Bloodred, ...

    The only link with Blindfold, they used the same rehearsel room as Blindfold. And the link with Nations On Fire is they have released 2 CD's on the label of Mr. Ed Goodlife ... guitar player of Nations On Fire.

    That is what the H8000 Crew made so strong, all bands and labels where linked together.