Tuesday, January 5, 2010

vanilla "social evening and french divorce" lp

this was one of the bands that originated the "french sound" of the mid 90s along with fingerprint, jasmine, peu etre ect....however this record shows a much more dynamic complex side of their music than their other records did........i dare say that this might be the best "french emo" record of all time, despite it not sounding like your typical jaunt through that genere.....this has more in common  with US "emo" bands of the mid 90s with its jangling guitar lines and explosions of angsty hardcore......this is a snapshot of the band in 1998, after their early stuff which was harder and faster, but before they ditched the hardcore element completely and tried to be no knife on "plays fantastique" in 2001 (for the record, that album was really good too) this lp came out on the rather controversial (at the time) conquer the world label...an unlikely home for a band like this.....anyways ill cut the chitchat and let you get to the music:

social evening, french divorce.....


  1. Hey, you're right... this is excellent! I heard that later record and was entirely UNimpressed and probably skipped this one because of it. A million thanks for posting this one.

    Actually, I'm a huge fan of their first record and was planning on posting last week. Maybe next week...

  2. they cannibalized parts of songs from this record for "plays fantastique"....i liked all of their records, but this one stands out over the others.

  3. I'm so flattered that this record was mentioned as the best french record of all time. I only regret that financially I was unable to put this out on CD as the dat tape had 2 other songs on it that couldn't make the vinyl because of time constraints. I loved the Vanilla LP on Genet records so I opened communication with them about putting out a record on CTW. I was so elated to get to do that record. Unfortunately we fell out of communication because when I had the band copies sent over to Europe something happened and they had to pay lots of taxs on them or something. The record I loved and many of my friends however CTW europe thought it was a bad idea Burkhard junger wanted me to put out metalcore stuff that would sell but if you look at my labels releases I didn't care what anyone thought. I put out what I liked and did the best at it I could. I never had any kind of substanial amount of money it was all just me working a pizza delivery job and the label itself.

    Greetings to the world. You can find me at ctwpromotions.com as I run a social networking company to promote musicians.

    Mike CTW

  4. mike, do you have anything to do with down peninsula audio?

  5. I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if anybody could help me find a copy of this on vinyl? I've been looking for it but I'm not having any luck.