Saturday, January 9, 2010

wallside "from the sky" cd

im getting a bit more local with this one.......wallside hailed from livonia michigan in the mid-late 90s and played some hyperactive emo tinged screaming hardcore that was musically similar to "steal the jet keys" era trans megetti with more noise, intensity, and harsher vocals.....they also had a bit of a sabbath thing going at times too, which would be much more evident in the post-wallside band, inside five minutes. anyways i saw them 3 times and they never failed to rock intensely. anyways  this was their only full length, it came out on the rather maligned makoto label in 1998 and to my knowledge is OOP....(let me know if a label is actually repressing this record, as makoto has been defunct for a number of years now)

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  1. dude, thanks so much for this!!!