Saturday, January 2, 2010

paris @ 2 am "It Wasn't an Accident but It Should've Been" cd

this band was from milwaukee wisconsin and played a unique brand of rockin chunky slightly abrasive melodic hardcore....this record came out in 2000 and rocks it like not too many other bands ive heard. i cant make any clear comparisons........they toured with forstella ford in 2001 or so....i missed  seeing them because i was hindsight that was shitty  cause this band was seriously good, im suprised that no one really picked up on this when it came out, i think alot of people would have dug it then....anyways here it is:

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  1. Actually they were from Green Bay/Appleton. Evan is now in Victory and Associates from San Francisco with Conan Neutron formerly of Replicator.