Wednesday, February 1, 2012

something ive been thinking about writing about for a while now.......

every generation thinks they have perfected whatever artform they (think they) invented, and hold succeeding generations to scorn & ridicule……..take punk rock for instance……the generation that came up with black flag and minor threat thought that punk/hardcore had been perfected in the 80s and everything else was just poseur material……..they heckled and ridiculed the movements that started up in the 90s…….”thats not punk!”……”your not doing it right!”….”this new hardcore sucks!!”…..ive heard all of this and more from lots of older people who were “active” in the mid 90s……….i despised those people and their shitty attitudes put me off alot of older stuff (i was a toddler when black flag/minor threat, ect, were in their prime, so i never really got a chance to grow up with this stuff) they held their precious 80s bands up as the end-all be-all of hardcore and i wanted nothing to do with their cherished sounds or style…….turn the clock forward a decade to 2007 or so and i found myself  disparaging the current incarnation of the scene, “its all either shitty nu-emo or 80s thrash retreads………fuck all these bands, the current scene blows” i cant remember how many times i said this on messageboards or just to myself….it wasn’t until later, when i started my blog and began actually listening to some new music that i figured out that it wasn’t all bad……thinking back, what if i was a 20 year old kid in 2007 and some old dude came along and took a shit on the scene i worked so hard to help build? i feel kinda shitty now that i acted just like the douchebag hardcore dudes from the 80s who took a shit on everything that meant anything to me back in the 90s………bands like the shoppers/cloud rat/psychic blood/procession, ect, helped me realize that there’s a whole thriving ocean of good bands/music/ideas out there who are connected to a spirit and philosophy that’s always been at the core of hardcore and never really went away……i guess the moral of the story is keep an open mind and dont be a douchebag  and lord it over people younger than you……you might find yourself with very few freinds and on the outside looking

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