Saturday, February 11, 2012

pliant "7 (2012)

this is a brand new record from an almost brand new was literally recorded like yesterday...they hail from amherst, MA and DC....anyways its right up there with the doctorshoppers lp as the best thing ive heard in 2012......although the year is young, and im sure there will be other great records, this one is currently flattening my ass with its crushing goodness........each track charges forward with brutal crusty force......the songs appear, obliterate your ears/brain and then leave as quickly as they came...only one exceeds the 2 minute mark.....short, savage and to the matter what i do, i cant shake the HHIG comparison for bands like these.....the rusty, blackened, corrosive guitar tone combined with simple straightforward drumming owes much to that band.......they are a bit more straight ahead than HHIG, but my comparison still any case this is a hell of a record if your into fast crusty devastating hardcore.......look forward to perhaps seeing this ban live in my neck of the woods (michigan) sometime this year maybe?  anyways highly recommended, and is an early candidate to make my end of year best of 2012 list.

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