Sunday, February 19, 2012

shoppers / panzram split "7 (2012)

ive been waiting for this record to drop (technically it hasn't yet, the vinyl ships next week) and now ive got it! (at least in digital form)  any record the shoppers are part of are a must listen for me of course.....anyways panzram kicks off this record with two songs "born with a bad haircut" and  "cause celebre"  ............the first time i heard these guys i thought, "hmm, sounds like majority rule"  but on subsequent listens, that comparison kinda fell away (not totally though) its a kind of loose-fitting, kinda metallic, noisy emoish type deal thats reminiscent of alot of sounds i remember from the mid 90s....there are alot of bands that come to mind, but no one that i can point to and say "yep, thats where these dudes get their sound from". they also got a small hint of crustiness that pops up now and again too.........all in all they have a real good noisy-edged powerful sound  going that isnt like most of what is going on today, and i applaud them for it wholeheartedly. hope they come up here sometime this year and play! on the flipside are of course, the shoppers, and their two songs pick right up where  "silver year" left off...noisy uplifting, amazing melodies that hit me right in the heart....i expect nothing less for this group of people...they played both these songs, both times ive seen them...."amazing" is this bands default setting. in fact i cant listen to their side of the split more than once in a row or i get extremely emotional.........same with the lp........its like flying too close to the sun and getting burned up by its overwhelming solar energy.......their music provokes overwhelming emotion in me and alot of times, i really dont wanna break down crying after i listen to a record.........its just so beautiful and  inspiring.....i love these people and i love everything they've done so far (i cant imagine that their future endeavors wouldn't be awesome as well)  this is my top record of 2012, and its gonna take a hell of an effort for someone else to knock this one off its pedestal (like maybe another shoppers record! haha!)  HUGELY RECOMMENDED.

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