Tuesday, February 14, 2012

sled - parasitic host (2011)

here we have a band with a long and illustrious pedigree in south carolina hardcore. sled arose from the ashes of assfactor 4 (the best band in a long line of bands that shared the basic core of members going back to tonka in the early 90s) and in listening to this record, you can hear the ghost of that band soaking through in alot of the songs here.....generally though, its heavy dirty hardcore in the vein of his hero is gone.....actually maybe  splicing his hero is gone with assfactor 4 would be a near perfect description for the sound of this band.........thick, noisy and brutal, but with a hint of frantic melody........i dont know who the lyrics are about or if these guys have a general political bent, but musically this is on point.....ive known of this band for a while and have heard their early stuff, but it always flew under the radar for me........came late recognizing the awesomeness of this record, but hey, better late than never right??  anyways awesome shit, and i really hope they decide to maybe take the show on the road at some point......

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