Sunday, February 12, 2012

great american witch hunt / tristram split tape (2012)

here we have two new-ish bands from michigan.......the tape begins with two songs from tristram, who i believe are from detroit.....they play with a crushing aural intensity...their songs have a nice thick, plowing feel while retaining an emotive strain within.....they don't really blaze any new trails with this material, but they do do it well enough, and with enough of a rough edge to keep it out of  the generic "loud-soft/scream in the breaks" territory alot of bands of this type seem to be first time hearing them and they sound like they'd be pretty killer live........great american witch hunt are from grand rapids i believe and occupy the rest of the tape with 3 songs......their music is rough and melodic, not quite "emo" and not quite "screamo" (really hate that word) kinda of indie-rock-ish and unique...."topanga lawrence is the only girl i will ever love" might be the best song title ever.......very nice........they had their release show for this tape tonight (old soul (band i really wanna see) shattered badge and madonna (local GR thrash) all played that show too) and is still going as i type.........i wouldve loved to be down for that, but money is tight =(  anyways this is a great split and  is something ill recommend to anyone into emotive harsh shit......(the tristram tracks especially)

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