Saturday, February 25, 2012

gay kiss - "dumpster rules" "7 (2011)

this was another record that i wasn't aware of at the time it came out, but now i listen to it multiple times a kiss are a band from phoenix that operates in a unique space not occupied by too many other bands........loud, brutal, yet with a definate sense of melody...almost sassy at description i can come up with for their sound would be breather resist meets wipers........its defiantly different and awesome.......a band that i NEED to see sometime soon......excellent band, excellent record.....they have recored new stuff recently and im actively looking for it as we speak.....recommended! also you can get physical copies at 

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  1. I put this record out. I'm fine with it being available for free here, but please include a link to purchase the record at Mp3s are also available at