Tuesday, November 22, 2011

skylark lp (2010)

its been made abundantly clear to me this year that i need to keep my ears open, because there is so much good new music out there.......including this band from london whose lp was yet another in a year of now-innumerable musical revelations for me  (even though this came out last year)........anyways they play some twinkly jagged, buoyant hardcore with pissy vocals (not a bad thing) reminds me alot of an old providence band from the 90s called jetpak........kind of a balancing act between shellac/jehu/guzzard abrasiveness and cap'n jazz/bells on trike twinkle....i could also draw ready comparisons to older german bands like craving/kurt/ENIAC....all in all this is a great record and hopefully the band will hit the states sometime soon......id like to hear more!

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