Tuesday, November 1, 2011

honeywell discography (1989-1994?)

currently my favorite band of the 90s.........these guys were the black flag/minor threat/negative approach of "emotional hardcore" and their lp is the benchmark to meet for all the bands that came later............unfortunatly none ever came close to touching the energy level or sheer pissed-off-ness of honeywell in their prime.....that was especially what i loved about this band.....they were pissed and you could  feel it in their music.......no sassy bullshit (which seems to have creeped into other bands of this style that came later) here,just genuine fucked up angry hardcore slathered in an acidic bath of noise and speed with the occasional erie, beautiful introspective part, (the last 4 minutes or so of "christ") political lyrics and the trademark ear peircing vocals that were another aspect of this band that i loved so much.......and they were doing this all starting in the late 80s when this style was practically unheard of as of yet........paving the way for  everything that would come later..........members went on to volume 11 (who were good, but infected somewhat with the sassy virus i talked about earlier) los cincos, one eyed richard and a bunch of other bands.......this is essential if your into 90s hardcore at all.....

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