Saturday, November 5, 2011

boneblack lp (2011)

.this record/band took me by surprise (that's sorta been the theme of the year for me with music).......maybe the first band that i had to check out just from viewing a youtube video of them playing/bantering........i was actually looking for footage of wolbachia and these guys popped up in the cue.......anyways one thing led to another, i went to their blog and started gushing about how great they were and i downloaded their lp and listened to it for a couple hours straight......raging female vocalled crust with some gloomy ambiance from montreal.......i don't generally listen to much crust...mainly because IMO, there's a certain sameness with most of the bands in that genre and it all blurrs together for me......i guess maybe i should give it a chance more often because this band/record payed off in spades........unfortunately they seem to have broken up already (maybe already isn't the best word since they apparently had been around a few years) one of those bands i discover too late and never got a chance to have any personal contact with........all in all, a great record from seemingly great people..........check it out!


  1. Thanks for the nice words. I wish we could have stuck around longer. Morgan and I have started a new anarcho-punk band called War Measures, but it might be a while before we have recordings or anything. I'm also in two other bands called Show of Bedlam and Xothogua.

    -Ari (Boneblack)

  2. awesome dude! if you ever wanna send me anything, id be down with that! if you guys ever play in michigan, let me know!