Thursday, November 17, 2011

marjan crash - the 434 sessions (1993-96?)

FUCK! thats all i have to say right now.......the theme of this year continues as ive unearthed yet another unknown gem......this shit blew me away......easily ties the shoppers as the best thing ive heard this year........i mean holy fuck, these songs are amazing!........i posted this band's "cruise dakota" cdep a year or so ago and i like that album, but these songs (especially the 4 or so songs they were recording for an lp) are VASTLY superior.......there are 7 tracks in all here......the first two recorded early in the band's carreer in 1993 with don fury in NYC....just huge burly hardcore that beats the living shit out of everything.........reminds me of the first threadbare "7 but tougher and much more bludgeoning........this shit is huge and scary......the next four songs are from what i've heard was an aborted attempt at an LP that i believe were recorded in 1996......i cant be sure of that though, so if your in the know (or better yet, in the band) let me know the deal.......anyways the band evolved radically away from their early sound, although the intensity and impact still remain in spades......those songs are flowing noisy works of fucking art.... noticeable shoegaze influence colliding with noisy hardcore that takes cues from both DC & san diego......i once compared the vocals to peter steele on a morphine drip...i still say thats still pretty much the case here (although the early vocals were much more shouty/screamy) and their still only half intelligible, buried in the songs themselves......this time i feel that the vocals somehow work better on these songs than on cruise dakota.....overall it seems to have a slightly "gothy" sheen to it........anyways amazing amazing shit..........something ill be jamming on the regular far into the future.......the last song  (ben sway bar) is from their demo (im guessing 1992-93-ish) is inline with the don fury sessions stuff, very tough and hard with thickass riffs busting your head open........daddy like! old forgotten tunes from a band that probably would have made quite the splash (deservedly so) if they had stuck together and finished the it stands, its only a glimpse of what they were capable of........ im pretty sure alot of you will dig this as much as i have...........


  1. 1993-1995. The Don Fury recording's were different bass player then the drummer of those song's switched to bass and a new drummer was brought in. The Don Fury songs along w/ Graze and Susan were same drummer Steve Johnson. All other songs are John Jones.


    Dave Anderson-Vocals
    Scott Miller -Guitar
    Scott Paris -Guitar
    Scott Patterson - Bass on Don Fury songs
    Steve Johnson -Drums on Don Fury Songs w/ Graze and Susan
    John Jones - Drums on all other songs w/ Bass on Graze and Susan

    By far the greatest review I have ever read for this band!

  2. P.S. Steve Johnson played bass on all other Marjan Crash songs.