Friday, November 18, 2011

serotonin - "universal time constant" (2003)

ever have a record that you buy, not knowing exactly what you'll get and then have it surprise you in the most pleasant of ways? well that's the scenario that occurred when i bought this particular album back in 2003.........i knew this Murfreesboro Tennessee band  by reputation among friends who had seen them........"really intense complex stuff" i was told..........after one listen i could be put in the "math rock" category, but its so much more than that...they play their music with more passion and heart than any math rock band i've heard............the color and emotion of this stuff explodes out of the framework and engages your ears/brain/heart directly.......that was the quality that keeps me listening to this band  several years since they called it quits.......some could draw comparisons to shit like cap'n jazz (especially their early stuff) but id say thats a bit off too, as  tim kinsella & co never touched the heights of complexity and emotion that serotonin routinely mined during their existence......anyways this record was one of their later releases and im pretty sure if you like music that makes you think AND feel, this is your bag........

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  1. Broken link, can you reupload this?