Monday, November 21, 2011

cynarae ep (2011)

the musical suprises keep rolling in........ I've only just discovered this band myself and i can safely say after one listen this has made my top ten for the year......this band hails from seattle and recorded/released this over the summer (august) some thick ugly dirty hardcore the DNA of his hero is gone/unruh/thoughts of ionesco/systral were spliced together to create a new devastating musical works REALLY well too as i havent heard anything this ugly and intense since the knelt rote lp sometime last year.. another plus is that these songs have great lyrics and after you download this record, youll find that they have full expanations of the meaning of each song also...keeping the DIY socio-political spirit alive in hardcore.......really fucking awesome.......heres to hoping these dudes come east sometime soon, i might even be willing to donate my basement for a night......A+ effort.

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