Monday, November 7, 2011

kwisatz haderach - 7 & split with encyclopedia of american traitors, (1998)

one of the first 10 or so records i ever fact im pretty sure i snatched this one up after a great review in an issue of heartattack in 99 or so.......i guess it had already been out for months or even a year by then.........anyways what we have here is some fucking intense, epic emotional hardcore from virginia in the union of uranus vein, but with a bit more melody and space.......i especially love it when this band slows down from the fast crushing stuff and does some interesting things riffwise.......lyrics are obscure and dune references are rife (as evidenced by the band's moniker/song titles themselves) one of those bands that kinds fell through the cracks even though they were superior to the heavy hitters of the time (orchid, yaphet kotto, im looking at both of you) members went on to virginia black lung and fighting dogs (and maybe onodrim?).....also includes the two songs from the split with EOAT (litany against fear and ya ha chouhada)....definatly recommended........

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