Saturday, December 26, 2009

shora "shaping the random" cd

another band from geneva switzerland that existed from 1999-2005(?) playing severe ear damaging noisecore.....lots of botch comparisons for this band but these guys are easily more abrasive and harsh...even the vocals peirce your eardrums like needles......its kinda like listening to a beltsander grinding the paint off your walls....but in a good way.....around 2003-04 this band  droppd their chaotic sound and became a prog-rock band in the vein of tarantula hawk or something like that, the weird thing is they dident suck at the style like so many other bands who switch styles and fall flat on their faces....anyways check this out.

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  1. I saw them in late 2006 playing intense progressive rock... mostly unreleased stuff (only one track off their "Malval" LP). I have no idea if they still exist but for sure they were one of the best bands to ever come out of switzerland.