Tuesday, December 22, 2009

rubbish heap s/t lp

i got into this band after seeing good reviews for their "path of lies" "7 in several zines in the late 90s......i got the "7 and it was as far as i can remember great, (i havent heard it in years due to my neglect to fix my turntable needle for the past 8 years) anyways i was perusing the ebullition mailorder catalogue one day and saw that this lp was in stock so i ordered it........lead to a decade long love affair with this record......noisy and abrasive as fuck.....kinda like unsane if they got alot more gnarled and ugly than they already were.........or maybe rorschach if they got signed to AMREP........anyways they where from belgium and rocked the fuck out..

check it out below!

rubbish heap lp

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