Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ecorche discography

ecorche hailed from lincoln nebraska in the late 90s and were among the first generation of bands (along with you and i, usurp synapse, saetia, ect) to get tagged with the dreaded "screamo" label. their discography consists of split "7s with foundation and her flyaway manner and a self titled "10 that came out on the italian label cycle records, run by adriano and luca of the band one fine day (whose stuff ill be putting up in future posts.) anyways ecorche played a style of hardcore that rapidly became en vouge in the late 90s and then just as rapidly desintegrated, a mix of screamy emotive fall-down-and-scream-into-your-guitar parts that would become a ubiquitous part of the "modern screamo" that reached critcal mass in the early 2000s and then got watered down beyond recognition, and more chunky "moshy" parts that served as a bridge to the older style of hardcore that was commonplace in the mid 90s. members went on to bright calm blue (who IMO, werent half as good as ecorche) ecorche discography


  1. I played bass with ecorche on this album and the later 7" split with Her Fly Away Manner. It was a super fun band to be a part of.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. the 1998 demo is on ebay now, great stuff