Saturday, December 26, 2009

canephora discography

canephora was one of those bands in the late 90s that actually delivered on the "evilcore" label that seemed to be all the rage in the mid to late 90s...i remember tons of bands being tagged as "evilcore" and non of them living up to the billing, the vast majority of them being 3rd rate slayer clones with horrible vocals.............the first time i heard the "at a loss for words" "7 i knew finally at least one band nailed it...this shit actually was evil........fucking terrifying even.........they where from virginia and i think had a connection to jesuit......and moocow seemed to have a knack for finding really good bands, even if they only ended up putting out a record or two before calling it a day which was definatly the case with these guys.....anyways this is the short but sweet discography, the "at a loss for words" "7, the demo and a comp song from the caligula effect comp (at least i think they had a song on that....its been so long since ive heard it that i cant remember) members went on to the even more evil and devastating goddess.


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