Saturday, December 26, 2009

cheerleaders of the apocalypse "rock n roll self destruction" "7

probably one of my favorite album covers ever...florian bertmer brings the goods on every peice he does (cant wait to see what hes got cooked up for the official jesuit discography on magic bullet!) anyways this is messy fucked up sXe grind from germany in the late thought monster x and acrid where the last word on the genere? think again! this shit just vomits all over the two aformentioned bands and grinds them into submission.....would have given my right arm to see them live.........this record came out on react with protest sometime in the very early 2000's.


  1. have you ever seen a physical copy of it?

    I guess no, cause then would know that it just was supposed to be a 6" on SATAN'S PIMP REC. but ended up being released as a 7" on REACT WITH PROTEST REC.

  2. yea, the first time i got these songs was on a cd-r that i got for trading a couple "7s to a dude from france.....

  3. I remember my dad remarking on the name of this band, he thought it was quite hilarious, an mp3 was left on a work colleague's computer they thought I was a devil worshipper.

  4. they wore skullmasks live! haha

    gotta love it

  5. i've got a copy of it. bought for 10 eurocent maybe seven yrs ago in a vinyl shop in florence, italy.
    both the cover and the music are awesome!
    i'll add your mind intrusion to my blogroll.


    ps: the link is wrong. you can take it from my blog (soon i'll make a better rip)

  6. sorry people. the right link is up now.