Tuesday, May 24, 2011

pswingset demo (2011)

another new band, this one from austin with a 3 song demo.........they play that tuneful, lonesome midwest style....the band they are in closest proximity to soundwise would definatly be proudentall (IMO) they have the same inventory of musical mannerisms as that band, from the loafing-down-a-dirt-road summer day rock of "husk" to the more moody complex style of  "bokeh"......after a long time of thinking this kind of stuff was dead and by the wayside of the current musical landscape, this band is a welcome sound to my ears.......great plains rock back in effect....even if they hail from somewhat south of that area......the best part is i get to see them play these songs next month! yay me! for the band all i have to say is keep up the good work and continue to be the new standardbearers of this sound.....(and put out a full length soon!)

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