Friday, May 13, 2011

rolo tomassi "hysterics" (2008)

so ive heard this band's name tossed around a few times but always confused them with that older chicago band of the same name, or another chicago band called we ragazzi or in some cases, the trans megetti.........i thought they were probably some crappy indie rock band.......finally a dude i trade downloads with on soulseek told me to check em out so i have.....they seem to be a band with a pretty decent sized following playing some pretty huge shows......and i guess their last album was produced by the guy who did the last britney spears album? (this is bizzare territory for me)....i did some googling of band photos before i listened to this and i thought "fuck...its gonna be another paramore or some other such nu-emo bullshit", after a few listens ive found out, somewhat pleasantly, this band is not that (although the overtones are there)......anyways they are from the UK and play that million-chords-in-a-single-song style that seems to be all the rage in certain sets today......i would liken them to the assistant, but with alot more polish and alot less compelling other words a pale shadow of that new jersey band that poured their energy and hearts out live and left you in a sweaty satisfied haze when it was all over......i shouldnt really make that comparison till ive actually seen rolo tomassi live, dont wanna sell them short because this record is actually pretty decent.....and im not really even too much into this "tech core' shit 8-9 years ago self would have probably been MUCH more enthusiastic about this band, but even then, i dont think they wouldve passed muster with the bands who originated this style back in the late90s/early 2000s......on an unrelated note, i also think having a cute girl as your vocalist will get your band MUCH more attention in the media than a band of dudes doing the same thing (not meant as a slight to the band at all)..IE: paramore...(their vocalist, eve, seems to be somewhat of a fashion icon already)..........anyways in this era of my chemical romances and fall out boys these guys and gal play like fucking einsteins by comparison......and i recommend this record.

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