Friday, May 27, 2011

the ivy crown "after so much red wine" (1999)

one of the forgotten bands in michigan's 90s emo pantheon. ivy crown hailed from east lansing and existed between 1997-2002, i got to see em play once, in a basement in kalamazoo with wallside and quixote...very good live.....their style was on the lighter side of the indie-emo spectrum, but not totally polished like, say, a band like king for a day or jimmy eat world......"calling back the taurus" is the best song on this cd and reminds me a little bit of current for some reason, which is a very good thing.......the rest of the tracks are a bit more in the cursive/mineral vein, melodic sunny day driving of those bands that just never caught on for some reason...........check it out!

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