Thursday, May 27, 2010

rogojine - early stuff

rogojine (or rogozhin) were a bass-drums-vocals trio from poitiers, france and played some droning noise-sludge that fell somewhere between the jesus lizard, unsane and grief.............this is a collection of their early stuff recorded between 1996-1999. the demo, split with djud, and songs of their first cd.  loud, noisy and psychotic. if your at all into any of the aforementioned bands i think youll dig this right away..........

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

goetz george "10

goetz george play a style of music i was heavily into between 1998 - 2003. screamy intense crazy hardcore that ended up exhausting itself rather generally i cant stand this stuff, but these guys where still one of the most intense bands to do the "crazy keyboard screamo" stuff......from germany, wherealot of bands who did this style well came from........highly recommended!!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

shoutbus! "aint that america?" (1998)

art monk was the most underappricated label in the DC area, releasing the most underappriceated bands that where generally from the DC, the trans megetti, glendale and these guys. shoutbus existed in the late 90s and played a quirky, funky dischordant type deal of rock with a heavy minutemen imprint.....sorta also reminds me of former members of alphonsin at points too...maybe a bit too funky for that last reference......very political lyrics, fun live show. they also had an lp after this one (at least i think it came out after this) called "the great white hunter" or something like that.......ive been hunting for it and if you enjoy this record it probably will be worth your while to track down the other one too.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

jane vs shaft "a chorus of doom" split cd (1998)

as mentioned before, its rare that i find a german band that lets me down, but i will say right now that jane is and has been one of those bands......very generic converge style hardcore with crappy vocals that do nothing for me...shaft (who i believe are also german....or belgian, ive never been sure of their origins) on the other hand singlehandedly save this split from being total shit (if only because this cd contains both songs from their "7) the newer song "what i declare as hell" is not on the level of "thwarted" or "adversary"...those two songs just level everything in their paths....raw, dirty and crushing....its like acme and unruh joined forces and decided to do the meanest, ugliest metal tinged mosh they could play, but without going into death metal/grind territory (ok, so it pretty much is in death/grind territory, but those influences still take a backseat to the mosh)......fucking A+ stuff. i wish they had recorded more than just the "7 and one rather crappy new song for this record.......if anyone has any shaft demos theyd like to throw at me, ill be more than happy to hear that shit!

Friday, May 21, 2010

early humans cd

this band hailed from the DC/baltimore area and was active in the late 90s/early 2000s. this, their only full length, came out in 2003.......fractured, stop n go hardcore/math rock.......i hear many different influences......karp, swiz, breadwinner, fourth rotor and fuel to name a few.......another band that went under the radar for the whole existence and died unnoticed but for those who witnesed their spectacle live or those who came accross their tunes online and formed a sonic addiction after the fact.......

Thursday, May 20, 2010

separation "depression" demo (1995)

this was the beginning of one of the best umea hardcore bands to exist.....the demo from 1995....they started out more midpaced and metallic than the fast melodic dischordant stuff they would play later......lyrics are great and the music reminds me a bit of fellow umea swedes, sheild. this also in cludes a CIV cover (cant wait one minute more)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

reflector "the journal" cdep

i think this was the second release from this kansas city band......came out in 1998....very much in-line with most of the other stuff comming out of the KC area at that time (proudentall, boys life, ect) melodic, melancholic, wistful rock that tugs at the heartstrings without being sappy.......lyrics about boat docks and school and freinds who stand by excellent release if i do say so myself, not as uniformly good as "where has all the melody gone" but the high points of this record ("walk you home" especially) exceed those on "melody".....another great KC band in a long line of bands from that city that i would gladly recommend to anyone........

Monday, May 17, 2010

unholy three "7 (1997)

blistering fast, noisy hardcore from the akron-kent-cleveland area. this band was probably the second most brutal band (after pankration) on donut freinds. fast, fucked and out of control. very much in the thrash/powerviolence category of hardcore and predating the 80s thrash revival by 4-5 years.....anyways i was never very "down" with that 80s thrash revival shit in the first place but this hits the spot quite nicely. they also did a cd on donut freinds which ive never actually seen a copy of.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

traluma "seven days awake"

traluma was a chicago band consisting of ex gauge/grout villa members. they played music that was in the same vein as gauge but a bit more polished and melodic. this lp came out in 1998 and was their only full length. good dischordant math rock that will get your ass moving.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

beltaine - unreleased lp

this is beltaine's second lp, which, for whatever reasons, went unreleased. i think this was recorded around 1996-1997 (just guessing). anyways alot has changed, but the framework of the music remains.....the vocalist seems to have traded in his mushmouth rob hicks (ordination of aaron) type vocals for something a tad different.....and all over the best his vocals seem to be on the verge of accquiring a weird british accent, at worst, theyre bad karaoke......musically theyve tightened up the ship and expanded upon the framework laid on "crowning the caged kid", making more complex and interesting songs this time around (thats not to say "crowning the caged kid" was a bad record by any means) the sound is what id call dated, if only because no one is/has played the melodic yet powerful empathy/shoulder/beltaine style hardcore in several years (closer to a decade) if boy sets fire were ever a good band at any point (they werent) they would have been making songs like this......anyways i expect at least some of you reading this to enjoy this as much as i did  =)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a death between the seasons "7

ADBTS hailed from upstate ny (rochester i think) and existed from 1997-2000. they played ragged, sludgy, noisy hardcore interspersed with spastic grindy parts. this "7 came out on the japanese label denied a custom (who released a series of "7s by some decent to really good bands in the late 90s) anyways this band trod well on their chosen musical path....members went on to mastodon, defeatist, kalibas, and some other bands i cant remember right now.....

Monday, May 10, 2010

check engine cd (2002)

this band was a sweep the leg johnny (steve sostak/chris daly) sideproject. this, their one and only full length, came out in 2002. soundwise they where basically a more straightforward, less complex sweep the leg johnny.....straight up melodic rockin but with sostak's trademark sax......

Sunday, May 9, 2010

ENIAC "au revoir tristesse"

the first full length (2001) from this german band comprised of ex guinea pig/philippe members........emotive noisy groovy hardcore with a slightly "sassy" feel at times.....reminds me alot of fellow krauts the craving but with a bit more noise......this is alot better than their later material (which wasnt bad in itself, but not nearly as good as this record and the self released one before it) not a band that made a huge impact in the states (or ever toured there) or even the rest of europe but deserving of rememberance in any case.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

tantrum "twisted in anguish"

this was the second full length (1997)  from these french noise terrorists.....back when the armrep to hydrahead ratio of their music favored the former.....noisy, confrontational and just plain awesome........if youve liked the other two tantrum records ive posted, theres no reason why you wouldnt love this too.

Friday, May 7, 2010

forced into discography

this is the discography of the swedish band forced into....they existed in the mid-late 90s and played politically charged somewhat moshy hardcore.....this includes the "like they were demons" "7 and the "profit not people" cd....the "7 is somewhat clumsy sounding moshcore that has a pretty big entombed influence and cleanly sung vocals (which i did not like) on a couple tracks, the cd is much better,  like "fanning the flames" era refused if they where alot louder and uglier.......lyrics are as stated before, political in nature and pretty good.......this was one of the swedish bands that got lost in the see this cd all the time in the order catalouges id get from vacuum distro in the late 90s but it took me a decade to buy it.....kinda regretting that now.. anyways take a listen, you might be as impressed as i was (at least by the cd)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

thee plague of gentlemen "pressure and time" "7

this is the second release from the belgian band known as thee plague of gentlemen, it came out in 2004 and i cant stop listening to it......thick doomy metal in the vein of cathedral or entombed but better than either of those bands IMO.....battleburns is my favorite of the two songs here...from what i can make out from the lyrics it seems to be about a mideval battle/viking mythology.....i dont generally like this type of material for songs just because it usually comes off cheesy and contrite but these guys manage to do it well without the cheesiness.......however after digging for more info about the band there is one big thing that kinda taints this band's listening expirience for me:

"Wackenier was arrested Tuesday, July 11th 2006 by the local police on charges of multiple child rape. The media alleged that he confessed to the rape of four children between the ages of five and seven and had also taken pictures of them, and that it was also believed that more victims were involved."

"He was later sentenced for indecent exposure but not rape"

the man mentioned in this article excerpt was their lead singer/guitarist, steve wackenier...the band broke up right after he was arrested, not wanting anything to do with him or be tainted by his stigma.......i have a small twinge of guilt now when i listen to this and the other TPOG records....i just try to keep the musical endeavours of the band seperate from this douchebag's fucked up acts.......

anyways id still recommend this even after learning about the shitty and tragic way they called it a day...

pressure and time

horsey "swarm"

i dont know much about this band other than that they came from san francisco and where active in the mid 90s (had a split with glazed baby and another lp before this one) this particular lp came out in 1996. a very weird unique approach to noise rock here...intense and whacked a racebannon - spaceboy hybrid created in a lab somewhere to wreak havoc on our unsuspecting ears.......the only thing im not really fond of are the vocals...their vaugely similar to mike anderson from racebannon but crappier and less psychotic......maybe more like an ameteur mike patton...actually this isnt that far off from something patton would put out on ipecac....anyways check it out and draw your own conclusions...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

thoughts of ionesco "and then there was motion"

so xemonerdx's post got me hankerin to do my own ionesco post........and here it is! this was their second full length, came out in 1998 on the now often maligned makoto records.......louder, uglier and more intense than the triptyich sessions, this is the band at their most "hardcore" as they later morphed into some kind of weird rock n roll noise metal thing that while still good, wasnt really anywhere near as good as the band's earlier years...soundwise i can hear a bit of assuck in the intro to "and none were human" "withdrawal syndrome" could have been a lost kiss it goodbye outtake, and there are portions of "equinox" that remind me of craw, but on the whole this is vintage they devastated..lots of writhing and falling and smashing heads into random objects and on at least one occasion, lots of throwing up......this is also the last record brian repa played drums on for ionesco (he can now be found behind the kit in paradise...although im not even sure that band is still going) after he left or got kicked out, (not sure of the circumstances surrounding his departure...i heard it had something to do with drugs...) derek grant, who had been in gyga and probably some other bands i never paid attention to and who would later be in the alkaline trio, came in to fill his shoes, doing so pretty well although repa's playing was on a whole other level......anyways this is probably the band's most overlooked album and i highly recommend this to anyone who love dark twisted hardcore immersed in an ocean of negativity and hate.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

oiler "missing part one"

oiler, like bakamono (who they have a split with) hailed from the dingy, smoggy depths of LA in the early-mid 90s, playing noisy, snotty noise rock with weird lyrics, not bad at all......this was their first and only (to my knowledge) full length.....sound? maybe like a snottier karp with female vocals.......members went on to longstocking, beck, and helios creed.

Monday, May 3, 2010

craw "the adventures of cancer man" "7

if you know anything about this band then you probably dont need an introduction.....dark swirling complex stuff from cleveland........anyways, "the adventures of cancer man" might be the best craw song ive ever heard.....just hits you like a  ton of proverbial bricks...loud, complex and amazing, just like 99.9% of craw songs but even better...the same song is on both sides of the "7 with the b-side (the comic side) marred by a bad "audio book" concept where the song is interrupted ever 30 seconds or so by a tone and a guy saying "please turn the page"......apparently the "7 came with a comic.....i never had the 7 so ive never seen it....anyways ill stop yammering and you can get down to business.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

the craving "poor ray" "7

its very rare for me to hear a bad german hardcore/grindcore/indie rock/emo band...its like the germans always know how to do shit right no matter the genere.......the craving are as usual, no exception to the rule......this i believe, was their first release, came out in 1996. just fantastic shit right here, if you where to take the jesus lizard, kurt, shotmaker, amber inn and chino horde and melt them down in a big hot bowl, this would be the congealed product at the bottom of the bowl after the heat dies down....noisy hardcore with  prominent noise rock and emotive elements fused together....i dont hear this kind of stuff from bands very often and none of what ive heard approaches the craving in how skillfully and catchy they put their influences together....

shiner - comp/demo tracks

4 songs from 3 comps (pocket bombs, soak your shoes in red wine....(my bloody valentine tribute...shiner's cover of "only shallow") and im not sure what comp "crush" comes from but its a damn good song...anyways you know the band, you know their songs.....this is some of their harder to find material....and its so fuckin good.......check it out!!!

so my laptop has crapped out...

i couldnt get rid of this skynet/windows32exe desktop shows up but no toolbar/icons of any kind....this more than likely means  ill loose the bulk of my mp3s...wich will put a big dent in what id like to post here......this means more infrequent posting till i can either get it fixed or get a new by no means out of the fight though, just delayed till i can get my shit back together.....ill still be periodically posting shit from my moms computer though....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

pretentious assholes discography

violent, pissed, ugly, humorous, all adjectives that would aptly fit chicago's pretentious assholes.....these guys existed in the mid-late 90s and terrorized audiences in the midwest with their short noisy blasts of brutality during that time.....this is all of their recorded material (that i aware of) the "7, split "7 with dangermouse and comp songs (posessed to skate, ect)..............apparently they reunited for the mk ultra reunion last year...not sure if they played any additional shows or idf this reunion could be lasting/lead to new recorded material.......anyways ill let you get to the records.....