Sunday, May 2, 2010

the craving "poor ray" "7

its very rare for me to hear a bad german hardcore/grindcore/indie rock/emo band...its like the germans always know how to do shit right no matter the genere.......the craving are as usual, no exception to the rule......this i believe, was their first release, came out in 1996. just fantastic shit right here, if you where to take the jesus lizard, kurt, shotmaker, amber inn and chino horde and melt them down in a big hot bowl, this would be the congealed product at the bottom of the bowl after the heat dies down....noisy hardcore with  prominent noise rock and emotive elements fused together....i dont hear this kind of stuff from bands very often and none of what ive heard approaches the craving in how skillfully and catchy they put their influences together....

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