Thursday, May 6, 2010

thee plague of gentlemen "pressure and time" "7

this is the second release from the belgian band known as thee plague of gentlemen, it came out in 2004 and i cant stop listening to it......thick doomy metal in the vein of cathedral or entombed but better than either of those bands IMO.....battleburns is my favorite of the two songs here...from what i can make out from the lyrics it seems to be about a mideval battle/viking mythology.....i dont generally like this type of material for songs just because it usually comes off cheesy and contrite but these guys manage to do it well without the cheesiness.......however after digging for more info about the band there is one big thing that kinda taints this band's listening expirience for me:

"Wackenier was arrested Tuesday, July 11th 2006 by the local police on charges of multiple child rape. The media alleged that he confessed to the rape of four children between the ages of five and seven and had also taken pictures of them, and that it was also believed that more victims were involved."

"He was later sentenced for indecent exposure but not rape"

the man mentioned in this article excerpt was their lead singer/guitarist, steve wackenier...the band broke up right after he was arrested, not wanting anything to do with him or be tainted by his stigma.......i have a small twinge of guilt now when i listen to this and the other TPOG records....i just try to keep the musical endeavours of the band seperate from this douchebag's fucked up acts.......

anyways id still recommend this even after learning about the shitty and tragic way they called it a day...

pressure and time

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