Wednesday, May 5, 2010

thoughts of ionesco "and then there was motion"

so xemonerdx's post got me hankerin to do my own ionesco post........and here it is! this was their second full length, came out in 1998 on the now often maligned makoto records.......louder, uglier and more intense than the triptyich sessions, this is the band at their most "hardcore" as they later morphed into some kind of weird rock n roll noise metal thing that while still good, wasnt really anywhere near as good as the band's earlier years...soundwise i can hear a bit of assuck in the intro to "and none were human" "withdrawal syndrome" could have been a lost kiss it goodbye outtake, and there are portions of "equinox" that remind me of craw, but on the whole this is vintage they devastated..lots of writhing and falling and smashing heads into random objects and on at least one occasion, lots of throwing up......this is also the last record brian repa played drums on for ionesco (he can now be found behind the kit in paradise...although im not even sure that band is still going) after he left or got kicked out, (not sure of the circumstances surrounding his departure...i heard it had something to do with drugs...) derek grant, who had been in gyga and probably some other bands i never paid attention to and who would later be in the alkaline trio, came in to fill his shoes, doing so pretty well although repa's playing was on a whole other level......anyways this is probably the band's most overlooked album and i highly recommend this to anyone who love dark twisted hardcore immersed in an ocean of negativity and hate.


  1. Glad I somehow managed to get you to do this post, hahaha... Anyways, this was my introduction to TOI, amazing record. I love pretty much all their records, I feel they maintained their own identity throughout their releases, even with the more jazz-inspired stuff & saxophone and all. Never knew Derek Grant was in Gyga, have a 7" of theirs somewhere. If you haven't already, do check out the 'For An End' docu, it's great. Brian Repa's insane.

  2. In the dictionary by "pissed" if you look closely there's a picture of TOI. Supremely underrated band & album if you're interested... Sean is in your skull my closet with small brown bike/abf members. They have a new ep out this year I think.

  3. Glad to see TOI getting some internet press. They're absolutely my favorite Detroit-area band. For that matter, I can't think of a band that compares to them. Just a quick correction, Brian Repa played on From Detroit, From Addiction, their last full-length.