Saturday, May 22, 2010

jane vs shaft "a chorus of doom" split cd (1998)

as mentioned before, its rare that i find a german band that lets me down, but i will say right now that jane is and has been one of those bands......very generic converge style hardcore with crappy vocals that do nothing for me...shaft (who i believe are also german....or belgian, ive never been sure of their origins) on the other hand singlehandedly save this split from being total shit (if only because this cd contains both songs from their "7) the newer song "what i declare as hell" is not on the level of "thwarted" or "adversary"...those two songs just level everything in their paths....raw, dirty and crushing....its like acme and unruh joined forces and decided to do the meanest, ugliest metal tinged mosh they could play, but without going into death metal/grind territory (ok, so it pretty much is in death/grind territory, but those influences still take a backseat to the mosh)......fucking A+ stuff. i wish they had recorded more than just the "7 and one rather crappy new song for this record.......if anyone has any shaft demos theyd like to throw at me, ill be more than happy to hear that shit!


  1. Jane's 1st CD 'A Doorway To Elsewhere' is fuckin awesome... Love it. They're just too evil for your wimpy ass. Shaft were from Germany, they also have a MCD called 'Taskmaster'. If you want a rip, lemme know.

  2. haha perhaps! however i did listen to "doorway to elsewhere" was like "meh"

    i guess if its german and metallic but not in the "bremen style" or "flowerviolence/scortched earth policy" style i cant really get into it, especially when there where like a thousand bands doing the "evil metallic" thing at the same time they did and over half off those bands did it better than jane IMO.

    but by all means post one of them! ill DL it just to see if i missed something awesome on my previous listens.

  3. I have good memories of "doorway.." but jane's songs from this split are very crappy indeed :)

  4. Jane were always meh.

    Daemon's jaded passion, give them a peek.

  5. Shaft's Taskmaster MCD: