Monday, May 24, 2010

shoutbus! "aint that america?" (1998)

art monk was the most underappricated label in the DC area, releasing the most underappriceated bands that where generally from the DC, the trans megetti, glendale and these guys. shoutbus existed in the late 90s and played a quirky, funky dischordant type deal of rock with a heavy minutemen imprint.....sorta also reminds me of former members of alphonsin at points too...maybe a bit too funky for that last reference......very political lyrics, fun live show. they also had an lp after this one (at least i think it came out after this) called "the great white hunter" or something like that.......ive been hunting for it and if you enjoy this record it probably will be worth your while to track down the other one too.

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