Friday, May 7, 2010

forced into discography

this is the discography of the swedish band forced into....they existed in the mid-late 90s and played politically charged somewhat moshy hardcore.....this includes the "like they were demons" "7 and the "profit not people" cd....the "7 is somewhat clumsy sounding moshcore that has a pretty big entombed influence and cleanly sung vocals (which i did not like) on a couple tracks, the cd is much better,  like "fanning the flames" era refused if they where alot louder and uglier.......lyrics are as stated before, political in nature and pretty good.......this was one of the swedish bands that got lost in the see this cd all the time in the order catalouges id get from vacuum distro in the late 90s but it took me a decade to buy it.....kinda regretting that now.. anyways take a listen, you might be as impressed as i was (at least by the cd)


  1. Hello my Hero !
    I am searching for these albums since 2005 !!!
    Could you please gimme a new link , the old one is dead
    Thanks a lot !!!

  2. Hello! Please upload a fresh link to this! Would mean alot thanks!