Friday, March 19, 2010

season to risk s/t 1992

the first lp by this legendary KC/lawrence KS band........powerful noisy groove with a few grunge tendencies (steve tulipana's vocals especially) not quite as ferocious as"in a perfect world" but still pretty aggressive and ugly.....they started in 1989 and to my knowledge are still a functioning unit, despite the decade long hiatus since 2001's "the shattering" although im more of a fan of the first 3 lps more than  the direction they took on the shattering, everything theyve recorded is better than the offerings of most to hear new material from them, especially after going on a week long binge of their earlier stuff....criminally the same league as craw/dazziling killmen/today is the day/jesus lizard as far as influential bands go....

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