Wednesday, March 17, 2010

american heritage "why everyone gets cancer"

this was one of those bands that started out with a great formula but then over time decided to fix what wasent broken and reduce themselves to a merely average band in the process..........american heritage hail from chicago and are made up of the scattered bits of past chitown bands like gauge, grout villa and brass knuckles for tough guys. they formed in 1998 and put out two lps on the british label rosewood union, followed by albums on various labels such as troubleman, escape artist and translation loss......early on (first 3 lps) they played hard hitting complex instrumental stuff that i could only term "chaos-math" (a term of my own coinage, yea, yea, tell me how dumb it is later) this was their second lp, released in 1999 and there are a million things going on at once in every song..........i saw them live with tristeza and quixote in kalamazoo around thetime this record came out......its like each member was playing a different song with his was crazy but somehow the intensity was lost on me that night.......i saw them again in 2002 with haymarket riot and they seemed louder and more metallic then and i was into then.........a few years later they released a record on escape artist and decided to add vocals to the mix and play  average chaotic metal/hardcore....this is where the "fixing what wasent broken' part comes in.......not sure why they went that route......anyways this is/was a vastly underrated album and everyone should take a listen or 3.

why everyone gets cancer


  1. I was literally just about to post this one over on Shiny Grey Monotone, but you beat me to it. Well played, sir.

  2. haha, i was debating weather or not to put up this one or "through the age of quarrel" on you have the first "12? if so put that one up if you would =)