Monday, March 15, 2010

lvmen "mondo"

these guys are easily one of the top 5 bands to have ever come out of europe........forming in the czech republic in the mid-late 90s, they have 4 lps, all of them sonic masterpeices, over their  12 -odd years of existence......for some reason i keep wanting to draw paralells between them and craw....... both bands have a penchant for writing huge overarching dischordant songs full of noise and calm and odd lyrical ideas and  years pass between new lps for both bands.........lvmen's live shows are supposedly legendary...with all the movie clips/projector images going while the band plays....i guess kinda similar to what neurosis was doing in the 90s....bands like ISIS wish they could create soundscapes as enthralling as this........if i had the money and the will to put in the effort of getting these guys to tour the states i would buy them all plane tickets kinda sucks that they arent very well known at all on this side of the pond because people would be blown away.........all of their albums are fantastic but this one is my personal favorite. im not sure theyve ever recorded a song that was below 4 or 5 minutes long........

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