Tuesday, March 30, 2010

judoboy cd

these guys where another of those heavyass french bands from the turn of the century that drew alot of inspiration from the  geman scene............think morser/systral with a touch of one eyed god prophecy......super intense....decent dudes too...i used to talk to a dude from this band named romain intermittantly over a couple years...this album was co-released on a half dozen different labels....fucking crazy.....

chec it out!


  1. they were absolutely great, first time I see them compared to the german scene tho, gonna re-listen :) hellmotel was OK as well - but less raw & dark !

  2. Awesome band & record. Saw them live once and they blew me away. Good times.

  3. got their split cd with Inside Conflict. Love the Judoboy side..two songs with good elements of chaotic screamo