Wednesday, March 24, 2010

acrobat down "re:dereliction"

lets get to the basics: acrobat down was a band from denver, colorado that existed from 1996-2000 and played some of the best goddamn poppy rockin indie rock this side of the treepeople, if you took said band of idaho miscreants, cleaned up their style, made their songs even catchier and threw in a keyboard youd have something pretty close to what acrobat down was..........if this shit doesnt pump you up and get you dancing id have to check you for a pulse.....all the saddle creek/conner oberst bullshit in the world doesnt have shit on this band......expect more releases from these guys to be posted soon...........oh and for anyone who remembers/cares, this band was ex small dog frenzy (singer aaron hobbs)

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