Saturday, March 20, 2010

calumet hecla "alloy"

ive been meaning to get to this one for a while now.......calumet hecla are 
a band from wocester ma by way of northern michigan...........they play a dreamy, spacey math-post rock that is still noisy and powerful......not really all that many bands i could compare this to........just really unique and great.....mostly female vocals aside from a couple songs where the guitarist takes over......i was addicted to tis record for months on end and still listen to it semi-religiously....theyve been around since at least 2002-2003 and have done a bit of touring, including a midwest tour with sah in 2004 and a jaunt in brazil last year, still kinda dumbstruck that this band isnt more well known than they are.........anyways they are easily new england's best kept yourself a big favor and check this out!

calumet-hecla "alloy"


  1. one of the best blogs in recent memory. keep up the good work, sir.