Thursday, August 9, 2012

upset / rubbish heap split 7 (1999)

holy fucking shit!  why did i not check this record out sooner?!  this is what "mosh" is supposed to sound like (at least to my ears). two bands, one belgian, one german, one i know well and one whos records ive seen over the years but never checked out because of lukewarm reviews in certain publications (HaC).......lets start with the one i dont know well:  upset were a band from wolfsburg germany who put out several "7s & split "7s in the late 90s........apparently they were a very politically oriented band from the looks of their packaging and the few lyric sheets ive been able to read.......musically their song  "abyss of despair" is a noisy, moody, moshy masterpiece.....comparisons do not come easy here......just really nice and thick and perfectly moshy......i really need to hunt down the rest of their releases pronto because this is some superior shit...........on the flipside we have rubbish heap, whos lp i jammed on a daily basis in 1999/2000 and still do today (or would if i could get another download since it was wiped out by mediafire...thanks assholes)  these two songs here "die alone" and "imperfection" are perhaps their best songs period, even better than anything on the lp or the other "7s.........just perfect noisy moshy stuff with a more distorted, fucked up edge.......maybe a tiny bit like "a safe place" era coalesce.....a totally excellent record all around......if your at all into the bands/styles mentioned, you need to hear this.......

upset / rubbish heap split 7

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