Friday, August 10, 2012

globsters "totally punk" "7 (2010?)

ive been wanting to review this for a looong time, but i was either always forgetting, or just never got around to it for one reason or another.......well ive finally done it, im reviewing the first globsters ep.........globsters are one guy, adam brewer who hails from the little hamlet of hazard, a small coal town tucked away in the appalachians of eastern kentucky.......musically its just adam, his guitar and a, raw punk with  frantic at first glance, you might think "well there are tons of bands or even single individuals who have been doing this thing for years (ie: andrew lersten aka violently ill/bunnyskulls) how is what adam is doing any different?" well its different because adam just sings about what hes feeling or the personal expiriences hes had in his life (as opposed to the run of the mill personal political shit most bands of this ilk pump out) its really pure and genuine, not contrived or forced like not just punk, but quite a bit of all music is these days......talking about this record and how i feel about it brings out mixed feelings in me......on one hand it deserves a hell of alot of praise and everyone should be gushing about how good globsters are, but on the other hand, i feel kinda like the art gallery guy when  he was patronizing jimmy wickert on that episode of king of the hill where peggy was making propane bots......i feel like maybe im patronizing adam or talking down to him and thats the LAST thing i want to i guess theres a little guilt there too........anyways enough of my self inflicted guilt trip, this is just a great album, perfect friday music, so download it and fuckin rock!  i really need to see adam do his thing in person, so hopefully adam, if your reading this, come play the DAAC in grand rapids (or better yet merlot mansion in marquette!) i need to see you!

ps: adam was on tour earlier this year and has a new(ish) record out that you should all check out!

globsters - totally punk

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