Saturday, August 4, 2012

campbell trio - campbell trio sings the blues (2011)

ive been busy restoring as many links as i can in the last week or so, so some records are accessable again (psychic blood lp, all shoppers records,, troubled sleep demo, marjan crash, ect)

now on to the record. campbell trio (full name of the band is the bruce campbell punk rock trio) hail from porto alegre brazil and they play emotionally charged modern hardcore (alot of people love to call it "screamo" nowadays) in the vein of alot of bands from the early 2000s.......touche amore could and should take notes from these dudes on how to play this style properly. this record just brims with passion and energy. rockin and rollin and probably falling on the floor and breaking instruments.....ive been kinda burnt out on stuff like this for a while, but these guys are good enough to overcome my indifference to the vast majority of recent bands playing this style. i sincerely hope that they tour the US ASAP cause id looooove to see how these songs translate live..

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