Thursday, August 2, 2012

chispa - obstinator "7 (1999)

my first review since the mediafire bullshit went down........I'm still in the process of recovering my music and re-upping links, but it will be a while before I'm anywhere close to done restoring everything........anyways today I'm taking on the one and only (unfortunately, although there was a split cd with enfold that they had with them on their us tour years ago, but it was these same songs if memory serves correct)) release from hamburg germany's chispa..........this has been one of my favorite "7's over the years and it remains so today........chispa played a uniquely "german" style, not quite in the realm of the usual per koro bands IE: systral/morser/carol (this record was a split release between per koro & bloodlink)  but  more of a hyperactive stop and go and blast huge disjointed chunks of metallic riffage type deal.....very akin to loxiran (who may have shared members with this band? the guitar work is almost identical in places)  anyways they played a style that seems to have been totally forgotten today, which makes this record all the more enjoyable.......i had the privilege of seeing these dudes do their thing live on their US tour with enfold in 2000 or thereabouts at a show in indiana (i believe usurp synapse opened) and to say they were intense would be an ten live band for me easy. they were supposed to record an lp for scortched earth policy, but that  never got finished apparently.......bummer, because these 5 songs are pure perfection and i would give my right nut to hear mre chispa material......

chispa - obstinator

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