Tuesday, August 7, 2012

sled - s/t lp (2008)

i figure its high time to do another sled post! this is the first lp that came out back in 2008. big burly ornery stuff, like a pissed off boar rooting around in the dirt for food......as mentioned in my review of their latest lp, ex assfactor 4 dudes still pissed and playing great music in their 40s.....this record is a bit more "metally" and less overtly assfactor 4-ish than "parasitic host" and it rips in a pretty straightforward way....in any case, their one of the best bands playing any kind of music today and i would love to see them live (small chance of that since ive heard they all have kids/steady jobs and touring isnt in the cards) cop this shit immediatly!

sled -s/t lp

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