Monday, June 27, 2011

zeroid "2001-2002"

one more german band that played flawless and amazingly brutal hardcore in the early 2000s....perhaps the most underrated of the bunch.......soundwise its the highest evolution of the his hero is gone style ive heard to fact the his hero is gone/union of uranus split melted together is probably the most accurate portrayal of the sound i can give you......on first listen all i could hear was the huge cloud of noise this band creates. upon subsequent listens, the true intricacies of their music slowly reveal themselves....complex riffs, interlocking drumming and steady basslines all exist underneath the noise. i also detect flecks of  the bremen and canadian sounds here and there.......this is the kind of music tragedy should have been making instead of the crap they do all possible means i urge you to cop this shit.......definatly one of those bands who's existence was all too short......

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