Wednesday, June 8, 2011

cloud rat s/t lp (2010)

from mt pleasant michigan comes a blast of furious grind/hardcore delivered by a band called cloud rat.......these guys (and girl)  play some of the best ive heard in a long while, and ive heard tons of bands like this over the past 15 years......lyrics seem to be very thoughtful and somewhat based around old japanese folklore (at least some of the time) artwork reminds me of the art done by the dude from baroness. they also shred live and are a band id love to see again...and again....and put it simly they are one of the bands that get me stoked on new music and give me hope that the modern state of hardcore isnt a barren wasteland full of bullshit posturing and soulessness afterall.......please go see and support them!

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  1. This is fantastic, absolutely delightful. Thank you for sharing...